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Identifying Opportunity

KGL Investment Company is skilled at identifying opportunities where it can leverage its experience in pursuit of opportunities where it can deliver the highest returns and make the most impact.


Leveraging Experience

The KGL Investment team employs a multidisciplinary approach to achieve a 360 degree perspective of the market to create leverage points where knowledge capital can facilitate the growth of hard capital.

Delivering Results

KGL Investment Company’s 2007 vintage Fund – The Port Fund  has achieved over a 20% net annual return since inception.

KGLI has an attractive investment portfolio achieving superior returns globally.

KGLI has over $500 million in assets under management invested across 16 companies in 11 countries worldwide, employing over 3,000 people.

We offer sophisticated investors the opportunity to participate in lucrative investment opportunities that are managed by our exceptional teams of professionals - our most valuable asset.

KGLI is rapidly expanding through highly selected acquisitions in targeted global markets; we are solidifying our position among the private equity companies in these emerging markets.

KGLI's core area of focus is investing in infrastructure, logistics, transportation, oil and gas, real estate, and related sectors. In addition, the Company continues to develop its core competencies and expertise in other sectors.

We operate in:

1.         Fast growing asset based companies;

2.         Corporate partnerships and industry consolidations;

3.         Brown fields;

4.         Pre-IPOs;

5.         Turn-around opportunities and investments;

6.         Minority investments for diversification purposes.

Our aim is to continuously develop further assets under management through acquiring operational assets, and growing the value of current projects and holdings.