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KGLI has a dynamic business philosophy–emphasizing constant expansion and diversification of its assets while maintaining sound risk management practices. Our growth is driven by global trends in the movement of goods and services, implementation of logistics systems and infrastructure development. By investing in the infrastructure and logistics sectors in emerging countries, KGLI seeks to take advantage of growing economies and lucrative sectors within them. For example, capital spent to build ports, creates jobs, and improves logistics while having a positive ripple effect within each country and region. Simple and innovative ideas with effective and efficient solutions can make a world of difference in areas rich in manpower and determination, but lacking the financial backing and skills to thrive.

We bring operational models and concepts already established in developed countries and apply them to emerging countries, adjusting them to suit the specific needs of each target market. Consequently, we create demand and opportunity for growth and development by empowering people and transforming local economies over the long term.

The cornerstone of private equity is hands-on management. Our teams of professionals take pride in the development of emerging markets by finding lucrative opportunities and executing both financial and operating strategies. We specialize in these markets because we understand the risks involved as well as the tangible value we can create within them.

We design, introduce, and roll-out niche logistics concepts to capitalize on favorable global trade trends and locations in emerging markets. Our advantages include the ability to be dynamic yet flexible, by swiftly adjusting to market conditions with strategic planning to capture added value to our investors.

We monitor and adjust our investments closely and explore further opportunities by constantly focusing on achieving superior results for our shareholders. We cement our competitive advantage through resource dedication and the building of a sustainable foundation for future growth.